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By: Malwarebytes

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Once your computer is infected, the damage and the viruses are usually difficult or impossible to remove. That’s why you should download Malwarebytes. It detects many viruses like spyware, trojans and worms.

Malwarebytes is a tool that detects malware, even if the virus is really new and not known. The program analyzes processes and threads on your computer and gives an alert as soon as it finds anything suspicious on your PC.

Then it will immediately move the malware to the quarantine where it cannot do anything to harm your computer. You can decide if you want to keep it in the quarantine or if you want to completely delete the virus from your PC.

If you are downloading this, you will get the free version of Malwarebytes. With this version you can tell the program to automatically scan your PC for viruses every month, or if you want you can also manually start a quick scan that will scan for popular directories or start a deep scan in which the program scans all files on your computer.

OS Windows
Release 2008
Dev. Malwarebytes

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