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By: Kaspersky Lab

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How to download the file?







More and more PC users are getting the problem of ransomware malware. This type of virus is very annoying because it basically locks you out of the computer, and it can only be unlocked by sending an SMS to a paid number or by other similar methods.

The most popular example is from “The Federal Police”. Of course there is something you can do about it. Kaspersky is your hero again.

The tool Kaspersky Windows Unlocker helps you out with that kind of stuff. If you download the file you see that it comes within an ISO format, which you can open by double clicking it. Then Windows will create a virtual disc with this image on it.

Or you can burn it to a DVD or a USB flash drive. If you have done that, start the Kaspersky USB Rescue Disk Maker after starting your infected PC. Immediately the software scans the registry of your PC for infections and removes them if needed.

But still there’s one thing. It won’t get any updates. The software’s latest update if from the year 2013 so you should forget about waiting for an update to improve Kaspersky Windows Unlocker.

OS Windows
Release 1997
Dev. Kaspersky Lab

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