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By: Avast

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With avast Free Antivirus comes a virus scanner for your computer, which monitors both the files on your PC and the entire mail traffic.

It’s also very easy to use, also suitable for beginners. Real-time protection includes several protection methods to protect you from virus infections: You will get email monitoring, messenger scanning, and notification service.

For each of the services, the efficiency can be adjusted, also sensitivity of the scanner. This helps you keep your PC how you want it. You can also have folders and files manually checked for virus infections like many other anti virus scanners with an easy click.

One interesting tool in Avast Free Antivirus is the automatic boot-scan, which you should use at least one time a week to protect your PC and keep viruses out. Streaming updates always keeps the virus database to the latest status.

Two of the best features are also that you can check for software on your PC that is outdated, and Avast will offer you new updates for them. Also you can use the built-in browser cleanup tool to remove all annoying toolbars and add-ons from your browsers, that you could not remove manually.

OS Windows
Release 1991
Dev. Avast

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