Ad-Aware Free Antivirus – Download

By: Lavasoft

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Ad-Aware Antivirus detects most popular spyware tools and now it comes with an full antivirus.

Maybe you wondered what’s spyware. It’s a software that uses your Internet connection without you knowing. Then personal sub-information is sent to the spyware’s owners without your knowing and that results in a very precise profile of your person.

Adaware Antivirus Free find most of these spyware on your hard drive. Then the spyware get into a quarantine, where it cannot get out. After that you can choose what happens with the virus, of course you can delete it immediately.

Also on board is a protection, that scans the files before they are written to your hard drive. And if you want to play a game on your PC, you can without being disturbed by notifications of the antivirus program.

OS Windows
Release 1999
Dev. Lavasoft

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